Welcome to my website!

I am a French research scientist specialized in sleep and dreaming.

I obtained in December 2017 a PhD in neuroscience, with honors, from Lyon 1 University. My doctoral project was conducted at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center under the direction of Perrine Ruby (PhD), and aimed at understanding how and why we sometimes recall our dreams and sometimes forget them, using several approaches such as EEG, fMRI and dream content analysis.

On this website you will find my academic resume, a list of publications and some guides regarding the analyses I specialize in.

Contact info:
raphaelvallat9 [at] gmail.com
Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (DYCOG Team)
Lyon 1 University


Post doctoral position at U.C Berkeley

November 2017

I am thrilled to announce that I will join Pr. Matthew Walker at U.C Berkeley (USA) for a two-years post-doctoral position starting February 2018.

New papers out

October 2017


Link to my full curriculum vitae (pdf format - last updated December 2017)

  • Education

2014-17 PhD in Neuroscience, with honors, Lyon 1 University
2012-14 Master degree in Neuroscience, cum laude, Lyon 1 University
2009-12 Bachelor degree of Cognitive Sciences summa cum laude (ranked 1st), Lyon 2 University
  • Teaching activities

Neurobiology / Neuroanatomy, 1st and 2nd year of Bachelor Degree in Biology (145h)
Social science, 1st year of Medicine (50h)
Neuro-imaging (fMRI analysis using CONN Toolbox), Neuroscience Master degree (~10h)
  • Software development


SLEEP is a free open-source Python graphical user interface dedicated to visualization, analysis and scoring of sleep data. Its most prominant features are:
(1) dynamic display of polysomnographic data, spectrogram, hypnogram and topographics map
(2) cutting-edge visualization performances based on OpenGl
(3) implementation of several automatic detection of sleep features (spindles, K-complexes, rapid eye movements..) as well as several signal processing tools
(4) display of main descriptive statistics including publication-ready tables and figures
(4) native support for several data and hypnogram file formats
(5) free and open-source!

Learn more on the documentation or read SLEEP recent peer-reviewed publication in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics


SleepViz is the Matlab prototype of SLEEP. Contrary to this latter, it does not include hypnogram edition and real-time adjustement of display parameters. Please click here for a short tutorial on how tu use SleepViz the tutorial section.

  • Expertise

Methods Polysomnography, sleep studies, combined EEG-fMRI, resting-state fMRI, behavioural studies
Analysis Sleep scoring, ERP, EEG and fMRI signal processing, functional and connectivity MRI analyses, dream content analysis
Programming Python, Matlab, CONN Toolbox, SPM, FSL, HTML, LateX, Shell, R, Presentation
  • Outreach

Elected representative of the doctoral students in Lyon Neuroscience Research Center council
Organizer of the Doctoral Day of the Lyon Federative Research Structure in Health
Invited oral presenter for a general public conference on sleep and dreams (1h, at Lyon town hall)
Organizer of a thematic week on neuroscience for 6 high-school students
Organizer and chairman of "Les Saisons du CRNL" conference on neurosciences and society


Please find below a list publications (last updated October 2017)


Please find below some tutorials regarding the analysis I specialize in.